Kengo Kuma-designed buildings

隈研吾設計建造物群(Kuma Kengo Sekkei Kenzo-butsu Gun)
A village of architectural beauty by Kengo Kuma - designer of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics main stadium
The picturesque town of Yusuhara is dotted with architectural wonders designed by Kengo Kuma, including the Kumo-no-Ue-no Hotel (lit. Hotel above the clouds). The buildings pay homage to the Japanese cedar, something Yusuhara is famous for.
As Yusuhara is more than 90% forested area, the town takes environmental care seriously and is utilizing natural energy. There are numerous buildings made with cedar using traditional Japanese building techniques, giving the town a very Japanese feel.

■ Buildings designed by Kengo Kuma
・梼原町総合庁舎 (Yusuhara Town Office) 高岡郡梼原町梼原1444番地1
・雲の上のホテル (Kumo-no-Ue-no Hotel) 高岡郡梼原町太郎川3799-3
・雲の上のギャラリー (Kumo-no-Ue-no Gallery) 高岡郡梼原町太郎川
・まちの駅 ゆすはら (Machi-no-Eki Yusuhara) *Community Market and Hotel 高岡郡梼原町梼原1196-1
・雲の上の図書館 (Kumo-no-Ue-no Library) 高岡郡梼原町梼原1212-2
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