Harimaya Bridge

はりまや橋(Harimaya Bashi)
A bridge made famous in a lover's tale
This vibrant vermilion bridge in the heart of Kochi creates quite a photogenic spot!
Harimaya Bridge, which has made its way into the lyrics of local folk song yosakoi-bushi, is also the setting of a legendary love story between a monk and a local woman.
In recent years, the bridge and its surroundings have been turned into Harimayabashi Park and even the old river has been recreated.
Address 高知県高知市はりまや町 (Harimayacho, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 088-823-9457
Tourism Promotion Division, Kochi Municipal Government
DirectionsAbout 10 min walk from JR Kochi Station
Website Website
Map Code73 185 703*82