Horikawa Canal and Ogaya Bridge

高知市大鋸屋橋~堀川(Kochi-shi Ogayabashi ~ Horikawa)
Walk or take a sightseeing boat along the Horikawa Canal where cherry blossoms bloom on both sides
In the spring the Horikawa Canal, located in Kochi City, offers an immersive experience as a 1km row of cherry trees bloom on either bank and reflect pinkly on the water. Besides having a picnic under cherry blossom trees (a centuries-old tradition in Japan called hanami), another popular way to enjoy these glorious flowers is to walk or take a sightseeing boat along a river.
You can gaze at the pinkish white petals swaying in the breeze during the day, and enjoy a whole different side to their beauty at night when the trees are lit up after dark.
Cherry Blossoms


Address 高知県高知市九反田2-1 (2-1, Kutanda, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Directions●About 5 min walk from Harimayabashi tram stop
●About 3 min walk from Saembacho tram stop
●About 5 min walk from Harimayabashi bus stop (Tosaden Kotsu Bus)
Map Code 73 186 510*30

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