Kochi Castle

高知城(Kochi Jo)
An original Japanese castle complete with cherry blossoms and illuminations
Constructed at the beginning of the 17th century, Kochi Castle is the only castle in Japan where the original tenshu and honmaru (castle tower and main keep) are still standing. 15 of the structures in the castle grounds have been designated as Important National Cultural Properties.
Adorning the tops of the castle roof are legendary animals called "shachi" that resemble fish with the head of a dragon. Being creatures of the sea, these shachi were seen as guardians protecting the castle from fire. Learn all about Kochi Castle and its history at the Kochi Castle Museum of History, located right across the street from the castle itself.
Another great feature of Kochi Castle is that you can capture a photo of the Otemon main gate and the Tenshu castle tower in one shot - a rarity in Japan. During cherry blossom season, the contrast between the white walls of the castle against the pink of the cherry blossoms is an incredibly beautiful sight. At night, the grounds are carefully illuminated meaning that you can enjoy castle views any time.
While there's a lot to see, the castle grounds are quite compact so you can still check it out even if you're pressed for time. A symbol of the prefecture, the castle is close to Kochi Station making it a must-see sight for those visiting the city.

Conquer Kochi Castle!


Address 高知県高知市丸ノ内1-2-1  (1-2-1, Marunouchi, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 088-824-5701
Kochi Castle Administration Office: Kaitokukan
Open9:00-17:00 (no entry permitted after 16:30)
ClosedDecember 26 to January 1
Price●Age 18 and over : 420 yen
●Age 17 and under : Free

*Please show your student ID or international student ID card
*Price includes taxes
DirectionsAbout 3 min walk from Kochijyo mae tram stop
Website Website
Map Code73 184 782*17

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