Kurogane Cutlery Workshop

工房くろがね (Kurogane Cutlery Workshop)
Try making your very own blade in the middle of the Shimanto River countryside
A workshop surrounded by green mountains and Shimanto River scenery. Turning iron sand into iron using a traditional Japanese furnace called a tatara, this workshop offers smithing experiences where you can turn steel materials into a knife. Working the red-hot iron into shape is a really memorable experience. The smithy can speak basic English to guide you through the process. A fantastic cultural experience to enjoy out in the beautiful Kochi countryside.
Cultural Experiences
Address 高知県四万十市西土佐口屋内天王山944
Telephone Number 0880-54-1811
ClosedClosed: Open year round
Price●One-day Forge Experience:(9:00 - 17:00)
1 person: ¥13,000
2 people: ¥10,000/ person
3 people or more: ¥8,000/ person
●Tatara (belows) Iron-making (3nights 4days): ¥72,000
●Old fashion forge experience (3nights 4days): ¥62,000
*Accommodation and meals are included in the price for bothTatara (belows) Iron-making/ Old fashion forge experience
*Meals are not included in the price for the One-day Forge Experience
*One-day Forge Experience: Price changes depending on number of participants. If overseas postage is required, the postage cost will be charged separately
Directions●Approx. 3 hrs by car from Kochi City (approx. 150 km)
●Approx. 30 mins by car from Shimanto City (approx. 25 km)
●Take a bus heading for Nakamura from Ekawasaki Station (JR Yodo Line) and alight at Kuchiyanai, then walk for approx. 15 mins
●Take a bus heading for Ekawasaki from Nakamura Station (Tosa Kuroshio Railway) and alight at Kuchiyanai, then walk for approx. 15 mins
Map Code764 276 869*47
Online Reservation ACTIVITY JAPAN
Hata Kochi(Blacksmithing Experience Near the Shimanto River)
Remarks●Reservations required
*Please let us know the date, time and how many people will be coming

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