Wilderness Village Shimantojuku

Wilderness Village 四万十塾 (Wilderness Village Shimantojuku)
A meditative canoeing tour of the Shimanto River
Spend a day on the Shimanto River, exploring the rich nature of the river valley in traditional canoes. Besides enjoying the views of the mountains and wildlife along the riverside, you will also have the opportunity to explore spots that can only be reached by canoe and take a break with a cup of coffee freshly brewed on the water!

With adventures ranging from one-day experiences to multi-night canoe camping trips, the friendly guides will make sure that you and your group have an unforgettable time.

The owner also runs Shi Mamta no Sato, a nature experience center where visitors can stay in very eco-friendly sun, wind and water powered accommodation. This ethos is a major part of Shimantojuku’s tours as well, ideal if you are interested in sustainable, low-impact traveling.
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Address 高知県四万十市楠24(24, Kusu, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0880-38-2045
PriceCanoe trek guide
●1 day tour : Adults : 16,000 yen~, 12 years old and under 12,000 yen~
●1 night 2 days tour : Adults 33,000 yen~, 12 years old and under 24,000 yen~
●4 nights 5 days tour : Adults 72,000 yen~, 12 years old and under 49,500 yen~

※Guide fee, food, and insurance costs are included.
Directions●About 1 hour 40 min drive from Shimantocho-chuo IC on Kochi Expressway
Website Website
Map Code764 129 789*74
Online Reservation ACTIVITY JAPAN

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