Remains of Tojin-daba

Feel the ancient energy of this spiritual place
Ancient stone tools and fragments of earthenware have been excavated in large numbers around one corner of the Ashizuri Peninsula.
Boulders lay scattered across the slopes, their positions reminiscent of stone circles, and many believe the area to be a spiritual power spot.
The Tojin Rocks, a forest of giant 7 meter tall rocks, are believed by some to be remnants of an ancient civilization. Even now the area is shrouded in mystery.


Address 高知県土佐清水市松尾977 (977 Matsuo, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture)
Telephone Number 0880-82-3155
Tosashimizu City Tourism Association
Directions●Approx. 16 min by car from Tosashimizu City Hall(12 km)
●Take a Kochi Seinan bus to Tojindaba Iriguchi bus stop
Website Website
Map Code907 253 668*71

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