Canola Flower Field in Nyuta Willow Forest

入田の菜の花(Nyuta No Nanohana)
Come have a picnic by a golden sea of canola flowers and celebrate the arrival of spring
Every spring ten million bright yellow canola flowers sway in the warm breeze by a grove of willow trees near the Shimanto River. The sea of gold creates an enchanting sight and signals the arrival of spring.
From late February to March, when the flowers are in full bloom, locals and visitors come together for the Nanohana (canola flower) Festival. Besides the bright blooms, vendors selling local products and food stands line the paths. The fields are also illuminated at night, which means you can enjoy the golden glow of the flowers after dark too.
The Nyuta Willow Forest is about a 20-minute bike ride from Nakamura Station, and during the festival there are shuttle buses available.
Address 高知県四万十市入田 四万十川河川敷のヤナギ林 (Nyuta, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0880-35-4171
Shimanto City Tourism Association
DirectionsAbout 1 hr drive from Shimantocho-chuo IC on Kochi Expressway
Map Code276 860 806*22

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