Good River Shimanto

グッドリバー四万十(Good River Shimanto)
Immerse yourself in the nature and culture and the Shimanto River
The good folks at Good River provide fun guided canoe, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) and rafting tours of one of the prettiest (and calmest) sections of the mighty Shimanto River, almost completely free of manmade structures, for people with various fitness levels, both young and old. Beginners are welcome too.

Choose from a morning or afternoon tour which, including introductory guidance and safety instruction, are about 3 hours long. A Good River tour is an excellent way to appreciate the beauty, nature and culture of Japan’s only remaining free-flowing river up close as part of your tour of the Shimanto River Valley. A highlight is paddling under one of the river's low, chinkabashi submersible bridges.

Good River staff makes sure to take lots of photos during their tours, available to download for free from a password protected site for a month after your tour. This allows you to focus on having fun and alleviates you from worrying about your smartphone ending up at the bottom of the river.

Good River is located about 50 minutes drive from Nakamura Station (Tosa Kuroshio Railways), north of Iwama Chinkabashi submersible Bridge. Look out for the cute wooden shed-like building on the roadside just south of the red Tsudaibashi Bridge that crosses the Shimanto River.
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Address 高知県四万十市西土佐橘1160-9(1160-9, Nishi Tosa Tachibana, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0895-30-2250
(reservation and inquiries)
OpenReception is open 09:00-20:00
ClosedOpen every day during the season
Price●Shimanto River SUP Tour (Approx 3 hours)
●Shimanto River Canoe Tour (Approx 3 hours)
16 and over 6,000 yen per person
15 and under 5,000 per person
※Season: Mid-March to early-November
※Age: 7 and over
※In the case of SUP, age 10 and under (or children under 150cm in height) are required to share a board with an adult.

●Shimanto River Family Rafting (Approx 3 hours)
16 and over 7,000 yen per person
15 and under 6,000 per person
※Season:Mid-April to Mid-October
※Age: 3 and over

※Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
※All prices include tax
Directions⚫︎Approx 1 hour by car from Shimanto-cho Chuo IC
⚫︎Approx 2 hours 45 minutes by car from Kochi Ryoma Airport
Map Code764 515 279*55
Online Reservation ※Japanese
Remarks●Reservations are generally accepted up until the day before, but reservations on the day are possible depending on availability. Please call to inquire (Japanese).

●What to bring
・Swimsuit: To wear under wetsuit or T-shirt (two-piece recommended for women).
・Towel: For changing clothes and bathing after the tour (towels not available for rent).
・Drinks: To hydrate during hot weather, when changing clothes, or while waiting (Plastic bottles that float in water recommended).

・Quick-drying rash guard or T-shirt (cotton not recommended because it cools the body when wet), or a long sleeved shirt if you are concerned about sunburn. In cold weather, it is recommended to bring thermal innerwear.
・Short pants: swim shorts are OK for men (as above, quick-drying material is recommended).
・Marine shoes/sandals: Marine shoes are avilable for rent, but sandals that can be securely fastened are also OK. (We have a limited number of sandals for canoes. Plastic sandals are OK for canoes.)
・Glasses strap: If you wear glasses, please bring your own glasses strap to secure them (you will be responsible for any submersion, damage, or loss of glasses).
・Please bring sunscreen, plastic bags for wet clothes, spare contact lenses, and any other items you may need if going into the water.

<If you wish to carry a waterproof camera or smartphone>
Please also bring a strap or carabiner (we will not be able to help you in case of submersion or damage or loss).
*We recommend that you rely on the photos taken during the tour by the guide. We will provide you this photo data free of charge.

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