Suigei Tosa-gura

酔鯨土佐蔵(Suigei Tosa-gura)
The drunken whale gives traditional sake brewing a stylish makeover
Of Koch Prefecture's 18 sake breweries, Suigei is perhaps the most easily recognizable, thanks to its distinctive branding which features whale motifs. The name Suigei means “drunken whale” which was how the 19th century lord of Tosa (as Kochi Prefecture used to be known) Yodo Yamauchi, who well known for his love of sake, described himself.

While Suigei’s roots are at its Nagahama-gura, located near scenic Katsurahama Beach, the brewery opened Tosa-gura, a state of the art brewing facility with an attached shop in Tosa City in 2018.

The Tosa-gura facility produces primarily premium junmai daiginjyo sake, including Suigei’s luxury line. The high-tech facility enables a high level of control over the production process in a regional climate that has long presented challenges to sake brewers. With an advance reservation, visitors can see how this modern facility compares with more traditional breweries they may have toured in the past. The tours are only ¥500 per person and include a sake tasting at the end of the tour.

The design of Tosa-gura is as stylish as the brewery is high-tech, and the attached Suigei Store and Sake Lab Cafe should not be missed. As well as sweet treats made with sake lees, non-alcoholic amazake drinks are available for those who are driving or don’t partake of sake. Others might like to take advantage of the opportunity to sample Suigei’s premium offerings and other limited edition sakes not available anywhere else. Bottled sake and Suigei merchandise make wonderful souvenirs and are also available for purchase.
Culture & Art
Address 高知県土佐市甲原2001番地1(2001-1, Kanbara, Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number ​088-856-8888
Tosa-gura, Suigei.Co.,Ltd.
Brewery tours:Thursday~Sunday 10:30、12:30、15:00(30 min, reservations required)
ClosedShop: Tuesdays
Brewery tours: Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays
PriceBrewery tours: ¥500 (30min, reservations required)
Directions●About 40 min drive from Kochi Station.
●About 50 min drive from Kochi Ryoma Airport.
●About 10 min drive from Tosa Smart IC.
●About 15 min walk from Kanbarafunato bus stop.
Website Website
Map Code181 553 054*64
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