レモレモカヤックス (Remo Remo Kayaks)
Sea kayak on a vivid coral sea
Remo Remo Kayaks run tours on Kochi's beautiful oceans throughout the year. The unspoiled natural beauty of the coral reef and coastline is worth the effort! Remo Remo offers tougher courses for the more adventurous kayaker and more slow-pace courses for those wanting to take their time. The instructors will support you the whole time, so it's a great opportunity to have your first sea kayak experience. The tours are sure to leave you pondering on thoughts like just how small humans are in the grand scale of the world!
Marine Activities
Address 高知県須崎市安和1171-8 (1171-8, Awa, Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 090-8103-3961
Open7:00-19:00 (office hours)
ClosedClosed irregularly
Price●Relaxing Awa Course:Adults 5,500 yen, children 4,500 yen
●Expanded Kojima Course:Adults 6,500 yen, children 5,500 yen
●One-day Course:From 12,500 yen
Directions●Approx. 1hr from Kochi Ryoma Airport by car
●Approx. 40mins from Kochi City
*The meeting point for each tour may change depending on where the tour will begin from
Website Website
Map Code181 061 709*11
Remarks●Reservation required by telephone or email (at least 3 days in advance)
●Recommended season: All year round
*Please wear clothes that are ok to get wet and are easy to move in.
*We recommend those who get seasick easily to take motion/travel sickness medication.

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