Tosa Uchi-hamono Knife Forging Workshop

迫田刃物 包丁製造体験教室(Sakoda Hamono)
Craft your own one-of-a-kind kitchen knife using traditional forging techniques
Tosa (the old name for present-day Kochi Prefecture) is known as one of the leading cutlery production centers in Japan and Kochi hammer-forged blades (Tosa Uchi-hamono) are a designated national traditional craft. Using traditional forging techniques that have been handed down through the generations over 400 years, the knife makers of Kochi create the finest blades from steel and iron. As Kochi’s craftsmen generally handle the entire process –– forging, quench hardening, edging and finishing –– they are able to tailor their creations perfectly to how they will be used. Carefully balancing the thickness of the back of each knife with its sharp cutting edge, they create knives that are light in the hand and a delight to use in the kitchen.

Sakoda Hamono is a Tosa Uchi-hamono forge in Susaki City run by a father and son team. Here, they offer visitors the opportunity to create their own kitchen knife; a blade, which embodies Japanese tradition and craftsmaship, made by your own hand that will bring back memories of your time in Kochi every time you use it.

Visitors work on all-purpose kitchen knives perfect for daily cooking tasks. Your blade will be of high-quality using traditional forging techniques. During the approximately 6-hour (excluding a 1-hour lunch break) workshop, you can experience all stages of the process under the guidance of Tosa Uchi-hamono craftsmen. Finally, during the sharpening process, you will be shown how to resharpen and take care of your knife to ensure that it will bring you pleasure for years to come.
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Address 高知県須崎市神田781(781, Koda, Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0889-43-1907
OpenWorkshop: 9:00-16:00 (Includes 1 hour lunch break. Please bring your own packed lunch)
*Start and finish times negotiable.
ClosedIrregular holidays. As the craftsmen often work in other parts of Japan, checking availability in advance is recommended.
Price66,000 yen (excluding tax) for up to 3 people *Consultation required
Additional 22,000 yen per additional person over 3 people.
6 person maximum
In the case of group of 7 people or more, the content of the workshop may be adjusted. Please discuss with Sakoda Hamono in advance.
Directions● About5min drive from the the Susaki Higashi IC on the Kochi Expressway
Map Code181 277 748*77

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