Sakawa: town of cherry blossoms

桜のまち:佐川町 (Sakawa Cho)
A retro gem just a short train ride from Kochi City
One of the easiest side trips you can take from Kochi City, Sakawa is a charming little town filled with traditional buildings, a flower-filled park and historic sake brewery.

The oldest part of Sakawa is just a short walk away from the train station. The stone-paved roads are lined with highlights such as 400-year-old Tsukasabotan sake brewery, and the European-style elegance of Sakawa Bunko Kosha and nearby Uemachi Station, which houses the last wooden Meiji period railway carriage in existance.

After taking your time wandering among buildings dating back to the end of the Edo (1850~) and Meiji periods (1600-1912) and enjoying a cup of coffee under the eaves of the Hamaguchi Residence, a former merchant's home transformed into a little cafe', head up to Makino Park. Dedicated to Sakawa-born botanist Dr. Tomitaro Makino, this mountainside park is filled with blooms year-round, but is particularly stunning from early February to mid-April when 17 varieties of cherry trees turn the landscape pink. Another spring must-see is the Sakawa Cherry Tree Path along the Kasuga River, which is lit up after dark for an extra romantic feel.

On your way back to the station, stop by Seigen-ji Temple to admire the garden, which is considered one of the three finest in Kochi, and get some snacks (and Tsukasabotan sake!) for the trip back at Sake Gallery Hotei.
Culture & Art
Address 高知県高岡郡佐川町甲1474(1474, Sakawa Town ko, Takaoka Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0889-20-9500
Sakawa Tourism Association
Open9:00-17:00(Hamaguchi Residence café: 10:00-16:00)
ClosedMondays (If Monday is a public holiday, then the following Tuesday), during New Year holidays
Directions●About 30 min drive from Ino IC on Kochi Expressway
Website Website
Map Code181 574 417*82

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