Hyotan cherry and moss phlox

ひょうたん桜公園(Hyotan Sakura koen)
A natural treasure cherry blossom tree on a carpet of moss phlox
A large cherry blossom tree blooming on a hilltop that sits at about 500 years in age. The buds of this cherry tree are quite unique as they resemble the shape of a gourd. The setting of this cherry blossom in full-bloom against the green mountains and blue sky is made even more beautiful by the deep pink moss phlox that covers the ground beneath the tree.
When flowering is at its peak, little stalls selling food and drink pop up in the area.
Cherry Blossoms


Address 高知県吾川郡仁淀川町桜 (Sakura, Niyodogawa Town, Agawa Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0889-35-1083
Niyodogawa Town Hall Industries & Construction Division
OpenBest time to visit: Late March to early April
DirectionsAbout 1 hr 30 min drive from Ino IC on Kochi Expressway
Map Code445 620 139*22

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