Tosa Washi Kogei Mura QRAUD River Cruise

土佐和紙工芸村QRAUDリバークルーズ(Tosa washi kogei mura QRAUD River Cruise)
Experience the beauty of the Niyodogawa by canoe, SUP or raft, 40 minutes from Kochi City.
River Cruise, located at the Tosa Washi Kogei Mura QRAUD, is a great place to experience the beauty of the Niyodogawa, one of Japan’s clearest rivers, by canoe, SUP, or raft. Beginner and family-friendly, just 40 minutes from Kochi City, and with Tosa Washi Kogei Mura QRAUD's facilities close at hand, a River Cruise activity is a fun and convenient addition to your travel itinerary.

Guided canoe tours
Between late March and late November, friendly instructors are on hand to explain everything you need to know to enjoy the river during a 3-hour Niyodogawa Canoe session. This part of the Niyodo River is a great spot for beginners to try canoeing for the first time and children from 3 years old are welcome.

Those with more experience who are looking for more time on the water should consider the 7-km Downriver Tour. Open to experienced canoeers of elementary school age and up, this 3-hour tour allows you to enjoy the Niyodo River to the full, including passing under Kochi’s iconic chinkabashi submersible bridges.

River Cruise also offers a full-day package which includes the introductory Niyodogawa Canoe tour in the morning, followed by the Downriver Tour after a hearty lunch at Tosa Washi Kogei Mura QRAUD featuring local ingredients from the river and surrounding mountains. Unless well experienced at controlling a canoe, it is recommended that you take this tour during April, May or October, outside of the ayu fishing season when many anglers are on the river.

Guided rafting and SUP tours
River Cruise also offers fun 3-hour rafting and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) tours, which are both appropriate for beginners. As well as standard SUP boards, you can also opt for a “Monster SUP Board” which can carry several people at once, great for checking if you are truly in sync with your travel companions.

Mix it up
If you can’t decide on your mode of river transport, River Cruise has a one-day combo option on which you can do a canoe session, followed by a rafting session, with lunch in between.

Guests are welcome, and encouraged, to take the opportunity to swim in the river during the tours. For a small charge you can clean up in the public herb bath at Tosa Washi Kogei Mura QRAUD before you head off.

Reserve through the official website (Japanese) to have souvenir photos and use of the herb bath at Tosa Washi Kogei Mura QRAUD included at no extra cost.

To add more traditional craft and river experiences to your Niyodo River trip, check out the other activities offered by Tosa Washi Kogei Mura QRAUD here.
River Activities
Address 高知県吾川郡いの町鹿敷1226(1226, Kashiki, Ino Town, Agawa Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 088-892-1001
Tosa Washi Kogei Mura QRAUD (10:00-20:00)
ClosedClosed on Wednesdays except during August
Price●Niyodogawa Canoe Tour (about 3 hrs)
・Age 13 and over : 5,000 yen/per person
・Between age 3 and 12 : 4,500 yen/per person
・Late March 〜 Late November

● Downriver Canoe Tour (about 3 hrs)
・Age 13 and over : 7,000 yen/per person
・Between age 7 and 12 : 6,000 yen/per person
・Canoe experience required
・Mid March 〜 End of November

●One Day Canoe Tour (about 6-7 hrs)
・Age 13 and over : 12,000 yen/per person
・Between age 7 and 12 : 11,000 yen/per person
・March 21 〜 End of November

●Niyodo SUP Half-day Tour (about 3 hrs)
・Age 13 and over : 7,000 yen/per person
・Mid April 〜 End of November

●Monster SUP Tour (about 3 hrs)
・Age 13 and over : 7,000 yen/per person
・March 21 〜 End of November

●Rafting Tour (about 3 hrs)
・Age 13 and over : 7,000 yen/per person
・Between age 3 and 12 : 6,000 yen/per person
・Mid April 〜 End of October

● Rafting & Canoe Combo Tour (about 6-7 hrs)
・Age 13 and over : 12,000 yen/per person
・Between age 3 and 12 : 11,000 yen/per person
・April 14 〜 End of October

※ Except in the case of SUP or Monster SUP activities, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

※ There is an extra 500 yen surcharge during high season (July and September weekends and national holidays) and July 15〜August 31.

※ On the day payment is by cash only.
Directions●About 20 min drive from Ino IC on Kochi Expressway
●Short walk from Iwamura bus stop (Kenko Hokubu Kotsu Bus)
Website Website
Map Code181 854 367*11
Online Reservation (Japanese)
RemarksPhone reservations possible in Japanese

Things to bring
・Swimwear to be worn under wetsuits or T-shirts (two-piece swimwear recommended for women).
・Towel for use after the tour (for changing and using the bath). Towels are not available for rent.
・Drinks easily accessible during changing and waiting time (bottles that float are recommended).

・Rash guard, a T-shirt made of quick-drying material, or a long sleeved T-shirt to prevent sunburn. In cold weather, it is advisable to have a thermal or fleece inner layer.
・Shorts: Men can wear swim shorts (quick-drying material).
・Water shoes: Water shoes are avilable for rent, but sandals that can be securely fastened are also OK. We have a limited number of sandals for canoes. Crocs (plastic sandals) are OK for canoes and sandals are also useful for transportation to the bath after the tour.
・If you wear glasses, please bring a band for your glasses. (We do not accept responsiblity for any loss or damage of glasses.)
・Sunscreen, plastic bags for wet clothes, spare contact lenses, etc.
・Please bring a bath set: Do not forget to moisturize your skin after taking a bath! The baths at QRAUD are equipped with soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

To those who wish to carry waterproof cameras and smart phones:
Please attach these items to a strap or carabiner as we will not be able to help you in the event that they are dropped in water.
※ We recommend that you rely on the photo files taken by the guide during the tour which will be presented to you free of charge after the tour.

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