Hidaka Village

日高村(Hidaka Mura)
The gateway to the Niyodo River
Located just 16 km from Kochi City, the village of Hidaka is one of the closest spots to Kochi City (along with nearby Ino) with easy access to the blue Niyodo River. Waterways are an important part of this village, as it is home to the Kusaka River Reservoir, Kochi’s largest wetland, stretching over 14 hectares. The Medaka Pond is part of this important habitat, a resting place for waterfowl in winter and filled with dancing dragonflies in the summer. You can walk over it via a floating footpath.

Another highlight is a small 247m mountain, where followers of shugendo (mountain ascetisim) used to train. For those interested in experiencing shugendo first hand, a local Buddhist priest offers one-day experiences. These tours can include a visit to the Sarudado limestone cave, said to have been the location where the legendary ninja Mohei Kusaka trained. You can also stop by the Nagoya Chinakbashi submersible bridge.

Hidaka’s proximity to Kochi City makes it easy to access for those who want to experience the extraordinary blue color of the Niyodo River firsthand. Suggoi Sports offers SUP adventures on the river, perfect for a quick half-day trip from the city.

One of Hidaka’s major products is sugar tomatoes, which unusually are at their peak during the cold months of January and February. These tasty tomatoes show up in another local speciality, omurice (omelet rice) where they feature in many sauces at the 9 restaurants that serve variations of the heart dish along National Route 33. There is even a tomato-themed cafe' and guesthouse called Tomatotto!
Culture & Art
Address 高知県高岡郡日高村本郷1478-9(1478-9, Hongo, Hidaka Village, Takaoka Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 050-3204-1996
Hidaka Tourism Association
ClosedDuring New Year holidays(other temporary closures may occur)
Directions●About 20 min drive from Ino IC on Kochi Expressway
●About 6 min walk from JR Okabana Station
Website Website
Map Code181 702 326*43

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