Ioki Cave

伊尾木洞(Ioki do)
Green World
East of Aki City, just a few paces from the asphalt off of Route 55 is the inconspicuous entrance to Ioki-do, a 40 meter long, 3 meter wide and 5 meter high tunnel with fossilised shells embedded in the rocky walls. Erosion from ocean waves carved this cave years ago when the area was surrounded by the sea.
The canyon walls that extend beyond the cave are cloaked with a thick carpet of mostly tropical ferns. The diversity of ferns (more than 40 species!) is so unique that it was recognised as a National Natural Monument in 1915.
The walk through this mystical cave and to the end of the canyon can take anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes. A small river runs through the cave and connects to 3 different waterfalls hidden among the delicate emerald hues of the Green World.
Exit the canyon and take in the stunning views of the ocean and rows of rice paddies as you follow the signs back to Route 55.
Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Ioki Cave Walk Route Map
Address 高知県安芸市伊尾木117 (117, Ioki, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0887-34-8344
Aki Tourism & Information Center
Price●Entry : Free
●Guide charges
・1,000 yen per person (2 to 10 persons)
・700 yen per person (11 or more persons)

*Phone reservations a week in advance are required
*Japanese language only
*Price includes taxes
DirectionsAbout 5 min walk from Ioki Station (Gomen Nahari Line)
Website Kochi East Tourism Association
Map Code335 262 458*74

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