Kagamino Park

鏡野公園(Kagamino Kouen)
Picnic under a pink and white tunnel of cherry blossoms
Kagamino Park, located in the city of Kami, is one of the top 100 cherry blossom-viewing spots in Japan, with a 200-meter tunnel along the promenade formed by over 600 cherry trees different types. The sparkling white and pink colors of the flowers can also be enjoyed after dark, when they are illuminated by lanterns.
Pack a blanket and a picnic to join in the centuries-old tradition of hanami, when groups of friends, families, couples, and co-workers party together under blooming cherry trees to welcome the arrival of spring.
Cherry Blossoms
Address 高知県香美市土佐山田町宮ノ口 (Miyanokuchi, Tosayamada Cho, Kami City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0887-52-9880
Kami City Information
Directions●About 25 min drive from Nankoku IC on Kochi Expressway
●About 5 min walk from Igenoki bus stop (JR Shikoku Bus)
●Short walk from Kokadai Iriguchi bus stop (Tosaden Kotsu Bus)
Website Website
Map Code73 416 796*14

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