Organization name Public interest incorporated foundation Kochi Visitors & Convention Association
Location 5th floor, Kochi Prefectural Government Main Building, 1-2-20 Marunouchi, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
Founded 30 May, 1994


The Kochi Visitors & Convention Association aims at contributing to energizing local economic activity, improving the lives of people and culture, and promoting international friendship by taking advantage of the various resources of Kochi Prefecture, such as the natural environment, history and culture, to promote tourism in a comprehensive manner.


  1. Activities to attract and accept tourists from Japan and abroad as well as invite conventions and provide their venues
  2. Activities to promote tourism and other relevant undertakings
  3. Activities related to Kochi Film Commission
  4. Activities to promote sport tourism
  5. Activities to promote regional tourism
  6. Activities to manage and operate tourism facilities in front of Kochi Station and other relevant activities
  7. Operation of tour business and travel agency based on Travel Agency Act
  8. Activities to host exhibitions and other events to promote sightseeing spots and local specialties
  9. Other activities necessary for this corporation to achieve its objectives

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