Katsuobune Tosa Tataki Dojo

かつお船 土佐タタキ道場(Katsuobune Tosatatakidoujou)
Make your own Katsuo no Tataki
Become a washoku shokunin (Japanese food chef) at Katsuobune Tosa Tataki Dojo! With the help of the experienced staff you can tataki, or quickly sear the outside of the katsuo (bonito), over an open straw flame. The intense heat chars the outside giving the fish a warm smokey flavor while keeping the inside raw and fresh. The fish is then professional sliced for you to take home or eat in house with your choice of toppings like onions, spring onions, garlic or lemon.
Katsuo is one of the most prevalent fish used in Japanese cooking. Most commonly seen dried and used to make broths or as a flaky topping, but here in Tosa they only serve the freshest catch from the Pacific so daily supply is limited and the service stops when they sell out. Walk-ins are welcome, but please make reservations for large groups.
Tosa Tataki Dojo is conveniently located in the Katsuobune complex with other restaurants and store full of local delicacies to bring home as gifts.
Culinary Experience
Address 高知県高知市仁井田201-2 (201-2, Niida, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 088-847-3255
* Japanese only
Open10:30-15:00 (Tosa Tataki Dojo)
PriceKatsuo no Tataki only: 1,300 yen (tax incl)
Katsuo no Tataki set: 1,600 yen (tax incl.)
DirectionsAbout 20 min drive from Kochi IC on Kochi Expressway
Website Website
Map Code73 009 668*48
RemarksActivity time: around 5 minutes

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