Tosanokuni Nijuyommangoku

土佐ノ國 二十四万石(Tosano-kuni Nijuuyomman-goku)
A reasonably priced restaurant offering some of the best of Kochi’s cuisine!
Here you can actually watch as the chefs cook the katsuo (bonito) over an open straw-fed flame to make katsuo no tataki (seared bonito). Also, don’t go past the katsuo (bonito) sushi infused with yuzu. Here you can also try the local style of eating called Sawachi cuisine without making a reservation. Sawachi cuisine is the local tradition of using very large plates/platters to serve large amounts of assorted local foods.
Address 高知県高知市帯屋町1-2-2
Telephone Number 088-822-2459
Open11:00-22:30 (last order 21:45)
ClosedNew Year's Day
Website Website
Map Code73 185 851*55
Remarks・Parking available