Befu Gorge

White rocky walls contrasted by the red of autumn foliage
You can enjoy a different scene in each season at this exceptionally beautiful gorge. A famous spot amongst lovers of autumn foliage, the beauty of the mountainside painted with the colors of fall is said to be breathtaking. The walkway is well-maintained, so you can enjoy views like waterfalls and even hot springs.
A popular little hand-made soba noodle restaurant opens up here during the peak autumn season.
Autumn Leaves


Address 高知県香美市物部町別府 (Befu, Monobe Cho, Kami City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0887-52-9289
Kami City Hall Regional Development Unit
Directions●About 1 hr 25 min drive from Nankoku IC on Kochi Expressway
●About 15 min walk from Befu bus stop (Kami Shiei Bus)
Website Website
Map Code497 003 655*63

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