Kamikuki Peach Blossoms

上久喜の花桃 (Kamikuki No Hanamomo)
A community planted ode to spring near the Niyodo River
From late March to early April, the mountainsides of the Kuki district in the town of Niyodo are covered with red, white and pink peach blossoms. Local residents spent 15 years creating this spring marvel, lovingly growing and caring for the frost-hardy peach trees.

The view of village houses and tea fields peeking through the frothy colorful blooms just adds to the charm of this community created floral display. There is a parking lot available for visitors, and small paths that take you past farmer’s fields and rows of the colorful trees. You may also spot some koi nobori carp streamers being flown to celebrate Children’s Day!

If you want to see even more blossoms, Hyotan Sakura Park is just a 20 minute drive away, as is an easy trail that takes you through the Nakatsu Gorge. Closer to the Niyodo River is Hikichi Bridge, another peach blossom viewing spot.

Discover seasonal Kochi through its flora!
Address 高知県吾川郡仁淀川町上久喜(Kamikuki, Niyodogawa Town, Agawa Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0889-20-9511
Niyodo Blue Tourism Council
*This phone number is for the tourism council, do not put it into vehicle navigation to find the destination.
OpenBest time to visit: Late March to early April.
DirectionsAbout 1 hr drive from Ino IC on Kochi Expressway
Map Code445 499 060*06

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