Washi Studio Kamikoya

Washi Studio かみこや (Washi Studio Kamikoya)
Traditional Japanese papermaking taught by the Dutch owner and paper master
Washi Studio Kamikoya is a guesthouse that offers traditional Japanese paper making workshops. It's owner is Rogier, a Japanese paper master and craftsman of Tosa. The workshop offers a rare chance at creating traditional Japanese paper, a process combining human hands and the power of nature. There are simple workshops that anyone can enjoy or full-on traditional Japanese papermaking courses. Plus, you can communicate in English here!
Enjoy this rare opportunity at experiencing traditional Japanese culture.
Cultural Experiences
Address 高知県高岡郡梼原町太田戸1678 (1678, Otado, Yusuhara Town, Takaoka Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0889-68-0355
ClosedClosed irregularly
Price●Making Washi Japanese paper with flowers (incl. 1 night stay with breakfast) : 7,800 yen~
●Traditional handmade Washi (incl. 1 night stay - 6 hr workshop) : 34,000 yen ~
●Demonstration Workshop : 40,000 yen

*Price includes taxes
DirectionsAbout 1 hr drive from Susaki-chuo IC on Kochi Expressway
Website Washi Studio Kamikoya
Map Code666 072 852*82
Online Reservation 90min japanese paper work shop & breakfast plan

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