Buddhist Homa Ritual and Sutra Writing

護摩修⾏と写経体験 (Gomashugyou To Shakyoutaiken)
Participate in an ancient Buddhist fire ceremony
Iwamotoji temple is one of the sacred temples in the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage. This special site has opened its doors to anyone who wants to participate in the homa-mandala (fire altar) training ritual common within Shingon Buddhism.
Spend the night in the temple guest house and awaken early hours of the morning for the ceremony. A Buddhist priest will perform the ritual where fragrant wood or grains are offered to the burning fire to deliver a prayer to Vessavaṇa, one of the four heavenly kings. Often the fire can grow up to 1 meter in height and is meant to purify the mind and body of worldly desires. The ceremony also includes the copying of a Buddhist sutra (prayer) in Japanese or in English.
Reservations are required at least one week in advance and is permitted for 1 - 3 people. The ceremony takes place once a day, starts at 6:30 am and takes about 1 hours. After which participants bathe on the temple grounds and eat a Buddhist breakfast. Please arrive with a change of clothes for after the ceremony.
Cultural Experiences
Address 高知県高岡郡四万十町茂串町3-13 (3-13, Shigekushi Cho, Shimanto Town, Takaoka Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0880-22-0376
ClosedPlease refer to the calendar
Price18 years and older 9,000 yen (tax incl.)
Between 6~17 years old 5,200 yen (tax incl.)
* Children under 6 years old can not participate

included in the cost
・ Breakfast
・ Sponsored insurance
* Scope of sponsored insurance accident or injury coverage
● Death 3 million yen
● Hospitalization 1,000 yen (per day)
● Hospital Treatment 1,000 yen (per day)
・ Participation fee
* As specified in the itinerary
DirectionsAbout 10 min drive from Shimanto-cho chuo IC on Kochi Expressway
Website Website
Map Code362 136 554*54
Online Reservation Official website for reservation
RemarksItems to bring
・ a change of clothing

Available languages
・ Japanese
・ English (via translation software)

・ 1 group per day (1~3 people per group)

Reservation Period
Until 7 days prior to the day you wish to make a reservation

・ only accepted by credit card

We are able to accommodate some dietary allergies,
but not vegan, vegetarian, or Muslim dietary restrictions.

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