Odo Coast

大堂海岸(Odo Kaigan)
Towering white cliffs along the Pacific Ocean and friendly wild monkeys
Over time, the powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean have carved the southwestern tip of Kochi Prefecture into long line of white cliffs, where the coast transitions sharply from forested mountains to a sheer drop into the ocean.
You can marvel at the Odo coastline from the observatory or take a sightseeing boat that will give you a whole different perspective of the landscape from the foot of the almost 50-meter-high white cliffs.
In addition to becoming a popular spot for rock climbing in recent years, the park nearby offers visitors the rare opportunity to feed wild Japanese monkeys accustomed to human visitors!
Address 高知県幡多郡大月町一切 (Issai, Otsuki Town, Hata Gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 0880-62-8133
Otsuki Town Tourism Association
Directions●About 2 hr 30 min drive from Shimantocho-chuo IC on Kochi Expressway
●About 25 min walk from Kannonbae Iriguchi (Kochi Seinan Kotsu Bus)
Public Transport Access Details PDF
Map Code602 410 362*66

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