Uguru BOX

うぐるBOX (Uguru BOX)
Kayak through seas so clear you can see the ocean floor!
Off the coast of Sukumo City lies an island with a population of about 20 people called Uguru Island. Due to its super clear waters and the diverse fish populations, Uguru is one of Japan's top class dive sites.
Uguru Box offers sea kayaking and box glasses for looking down into the water at the coral. Snorkeling and overnight plans are also available.
Marine Activities
Address 高知県宿毛市鵜来島58 (58, Uguru shima, Sukumo City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 080-4410-2441
OpenPlease inquire
ClosedClosed irregularly
Price●Sea kayak plan
・From 3,000 yen / person

●One-day Snorkeling plan : beach fishing (incl. rental equipment)& lunch
・Age 12 and over : 11,000 yen
・Age 11 and under : 8,800 yen
・Hot shower : 300 yen

●Snorkeling plan (with lodging)
・Age 12 and over : 16,500 yen
・Age 11 and under : 13,500 yen

*Infants are free
*Max. of 15 people

●Rental equipment
Goggles 500 yen, fins 500 yen, wetsuits 1,000 yen, marine shoes 300 yen, life jackets 400 yen

*prices increase during peak periods
*Price includes taxes
DirectionsAbout 50 min to 1 hr 30 min ferry ride from Katashima Port
Website Website
Map Code335 391 422*52
Remarks*Reservation required by phone or email (can be made up until the day before)

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