Tosa no Houjousai (The Harvests of Tosa Festival)

土佐の豊穣祭(Tosa No Houjousai)
Kochi's biggest food festival
Tosa no Houjousai (The Harvest of Tosa Festival) is a yearly food festival held from the end of September to the middle of November. This ambitious event takes places in 7 different locations over several weeks and is all about honoring the deliciousness that the season brings.
Autumn is the season for the “huge harvest of five grains” known as gokoku-houjyou and praying for a good harvest is an ancient custom in Japan. Tosa no Houjousai is a celebration of the abundance of the season with fresh vegetables turned into inaka (countryside) sushi, river fish grilled with salt over open flames, prized Akaushi (red beef) served on skewers, and bonito brought back by the Kuroshio current is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. And of course, to go with these mouth watering dishes is local sake brewed with crisp Kochi water.
The sites for the festival are Niyodogawa, Aki, Reihoku, Monobegawa, Koban, Hata, and Kochi City. The locations and times of the event differ from place to place so it is recommended to check for details locally.

・ Kochi City
・ Kouban
・ Hata
・ Niyodogawa
・ Reihoku
・ Aki
・ Monobegawa

Dates: from September through November
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