Self-guided Henro Trail Walking (31st temple - 33rd temple)

Henro is the term for the Shikoku Pilgrimage to 88 sacred temples dotted around the island of Shikoku, where it is said that the Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi (Kukai) performed ascetic religious practices. The pilgrimage road stretches over 1200km through all four prefectures on the island. The whole journey can take a month or two on foot, but pilgrims can also make the journey in part because there are no strict rules on which temples to visit or how many in total. Anyone can be a pilgrim (ohenro-san) regardless of nationality or religion, and all are sure to receive a warm welcome from the locals.

This is 1-day self-guided henro trail course for Chikurin-ji (31st temple), Zenjibu-ji (32nd temple), and Sekkei-ji (33rd temple) from Kochi City.

Route: Kochi City Center - Chikurin-ji Temple - Zenjibu-ji Temple - Sekkei-ji Temple - Kochi City Center
Distance: 17 km (5 hrs 30 mins - 6 hrs 30 mins)
Elevation: 130 m at Chikurin-ji Temple (Mt. Godai)

Course overview
Get on the tram at the Harimayabashi tram stop and get off at Monju dori. It is 12 stops away. Walk to Chikurin-ji (31st Temple) and then to Zenjibu-ji (32nd Temple). Chikurin-ji Henro Trail and Zenjibu-ji Henro Trail, which pass through Mt. Godai, have been designated as National Historic Sites. Zenjibu-ji Temple commands a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. Walk west from Zenjibu-ji Temple into the little port town of Tanezaki and its ferries, which carry pilgrims across the water. Enjoy the brief 5-minute trip before arriving at Nagahama port, from where you can continue west to reach Sekkei-ji (33rd Temple). From there, take a bus or taxi back to the starting point at Harimayabashi.

Henro Trail Guide Kochi Japan (31st Chikurin-ji - 32nd Zenjibu-ji - 33rd Sekkei-ji)
The guide maps are available for download at the following links.
 Henro Trail Guide (31st - 33rd)_overview
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 Henro Trail Guide (31st - 33rd)_page 2-5
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*This Trail Guide prioritizes routes that avoid paved roads with heavy traffic as much as possible to heighten the experience of henro trail walking. Such routes including old trails may not be displayed on road maps or map apps. The guide also introduces routes in some places that differ from the commonly known walking henro routes.