Autumn along the Shimanto River and ways to get around

We’ve officially moved out of summer, and the active energy you might have felt then, has perhaps turned into a simple desire to let a retro train take you along stunning countryside views or a traditional leisure boat immerse you to the majestic beauty of a crystal-clear river. Well then, you are in luck because Kochi is home to such dreamy autumn experiences

There are many ways to enjoy the Shimanto River, but hopping on a yakatabune is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. These traditional leisure boats have existed in Japan for over 1,000 years, serving as a place for feudal lords, samurai warriors and wealthy merchants to socialize over delicious meals and drinks. You can still experience this centuries-old tradition by ordering an onboard meal in advance with Yakatabune Sakoya located right beside Sada Chinkabashi (submersible bridge). Senba is another kind of boat that is worth checking out! They are traditional sailboats with an impressive white sail

Last but not least…all aboard the Shiman Torocco Trolley! Easily recognizable by its adorable yellow color, this tourist train (which runs primarily on weekends only) takes you along the Shimanto River and its tributaries. If it’s not too chilly, I recommend sitting in the windowless open-air carriage so you can breathe in the fresh air and fully take in the scenery

Bonus tip! Late September to early October is typically the peak blooming season for higanbana (red spider lilies), which grow magnificently beside the Shimanto River at Nyuta Willow Forest. It's another great place to savor the new season, located around 2 hours from Kochi City by car

Yakatabune Sakoya
Onboard meals are only available on private boats rented out per group

Senba Roman Matsuhiroya

Nyuta Willow Forest

Learn more about the Shimanto River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/shimantoriver

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  • Autumn along the Shimanto River and ways to get around

  • Autumn along the Shimanto River and ways to get around

  • Autumn along the Shimanto River and ways to get around