It’s the season of…autumn cherry blossoms!

The blooming of colorful cosmos heralds the arrival of autumn. Fun fact! The Japanese word for this flower literally translates to ‘autumn cherry blossom’, and indeed, its delicate white and pink colors remind us of Japan’s iconic sakura

If you’re looking to wander through a sea of cosmos flowers, come visit Ochi Town! Located along one of the most picturesque stretches of the Niyodo River, Miyanomae Park blooms with over 1.5 million cosmos flowers. During the annual Cosmos Festival, you will find live music and performances, as well as a giant maze that will surely awaken your inner child! A variety of food stalls also pop up serving everything from ramen noodles and sushi, to Kochi specialties like imoten (fluffy, sweet potato tempura)!

Pro tip for foodies! If you’re visiting on a weekend, I highly recommend checking out the special food items on sale at Ochi Eki’s produce market (located just 3 minutes from Miyanomae Park by car). On Saturdays, you can treat yourself to a juicy pork cutlet sandwich seasoned with locally-grown sansho peppercorns, which adds the perfect amount of tingly spiciness to every bite. On Sundays, you will find a delicious burger featuring a melt-in-your-mouth patty made with Tosa Akaushi beef (also called the “miracle” wagyu). You can’t get these items anywhere else in Kochi (or Japan for that matter), so try to arrive early as they tend to sell out!

After you’ve delighted your eyes with the colorful flowers and nourished your soul with yummy food, I recommend visiting Nagoya Chinkabashi, which is just over 20 minutes away from Miyanomae Park by car. It’s a lovely spot to unwind, take a rejuvenating afternoon stroll, and witness the beauty of the Niyodo River from up close✨

Cosmos Festival
September 30th to October 15th
Around 1.5 hours from Kochi Station by train and bus

Ochi Eki (produce market)

Nagoya Chinkabashi

Learn more about Kochi's seasonal flowers: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/Flowers
  • It’s the season of…autumn cherry blossoms!

  • It’s the season of…autumn cherry blossoms!

  • It’s the season of…autumn cherry blossoms!