Golden rice terraces and gentle smiles

Besides the leaves changing color, rice fields across Japan turn gold in autumn, which means it’s time for harvest. Rice enthusiasts (basically everyone in Japan) get particularly excited around this time of year due to the availability of shinmai. It refers to the especially aromatic rice that has been processed and packaged for sale within the same year. Yum!

Speaking of yum…my tummy is rumbling just looking at the gorgeous meal that Instagram user @ayumi2672 prepared using rice from Motoyama Town in Kochi! Rice-lovers will surely notice the extra plumpness of each grain and gentle sweetness that expands with every bite. No wonder this local rice brand called Tenku no Sato has ranked the best in Japan…TWICE!

Definitely come and see the golden Yoshinobu rice terraces in Motoyama Town yourself! Plus, I’m sure friendly locals with gentle smiles (just like the sweet grandma in the photo) will make your trip well-worth it

Yoshinobu rice terraces

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Thank you again to Instagram user @ayumi2672 for the stunning foodie shot!

@ayumi2672: https://www.instagram.com/ayumi2672/
  • Golden rice terraces and gentle smiles

  • Golden rice terraces and gentle smiles

  • Golden rice terraces and gentle smiles