Autumn is all about…food!

Well, foodies may argue that enjoying yummy meals is relevant regardless of the season (which it sure is) but in Japan, there is a particularly strong connection between autumn and eating. In fact, “shokuyoku no aki” is a famous idiom in Japanese, which means autumn is the season of appetite!

Just like bears and other animals eat a lot during autumn to store fat in preparation for winter, it is said that humans similarly tend to increase appetite by instinct. However, even if it weren’t for evolution, I would probably feel it impossible to resist indulging in the abundance of delicious and diverse ingredients harvested in autumn

Speaking of delicious and diverse ingredients harvested in autumn…if you’re a foodie in Kochi between now and December, Tosa no Hojosai is THE event for you

Taking place across 8 different venues across the region, this annual festival celebrates Kochi’s deep food culture, featuring ingredients from the mountains, rivers and ocean

Click here for details on venues, festival dates and more: https://tosa-hojyosai.com/
Learn more about Kochi’s food culture: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/taste-of-kochi

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  • Autumn is all about…food!