The perfect autumn getaway

The Kuroson River is not only considered the clearest tributary of the Shimanto River, but also, one of the prettiest places to enjoy Kochi’s autumn colors. The breathtaking sight of Kuroson Gorge resplendent in red feels even more meaningful because it takes some effort to reach. It’s about 4 hours from Kochi City by car, which explains why Kuroson Gorge is affectionately called “Japan’s most secluded autumn foliage spot”

However, gazing at the leaves up above and their colors reflected on the crystal-clear water down below makes the journey undeniably worth it. In fact, I feel that the long drive only makes the experience that much more special and unforgettable. Good things indeed take time

Pro tip! There are no stores or restaurants in the nearby area where you can pick up food, so I highly recommend packing your own–picnic style! Just be sure to take all trash with you and leave the place as you found it

After driving back down to the Shimanto River, I highly recommend stopping by Iwama Chinkabashi. This submersible bridge can often be seen on postcards and commercials because of its picture-perfect views. However, please be aware that the local community relies on this bridge to get around, so please park your car nearby in order to avoid road traffic, and walk along the bridge when sightseeing

Kuroson Gorge
The autumn foliage at Kuroson Gorge is typically from early to late November, peaking around the middle of the month 

Iwama Chinkabashi

Special thanks to Instagram users @tosaken_saikyo and @manabu.zenke for the photos!

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  • The perfect autumn getaway

  • The perfect autumn getaway

  • The perfect autumn getaway