We are Kochi-ke: Tsuyoshi Sakoda

The art of sharpening knives and what it teaches us

“At Sakoda Hamono, we are dedicated to bringing out the full potential of materials and honoring the very basics of this traditional craft that began over 400 years ago. Through our work, we dream of creating one-of-a-kind Tosa knives that meet the needs of those who wield them.”

“Although heating blades in a blazing fire and hammering hot metal by hand may be the most memorable aspects of the forging process, no knife is of true quality without diligent sharpening. In fact, this refinement of edges–carried out throughout the lifetime of the blade–speaks to an important message.”

“The act of investing time and effort to sharpen well-used blades helps rekindle the spirit of taking care of the things we own. It’s not about throwing away and replacing something as soon as it no longer works as it did before, but rather, a practice in recognizing that it can be mended. That’s why, as long as our family business continues, we offer a lifetime warranty of our knives. We promise to assist in its long-term care, and hopefully contribute to a greater awareness that imperfections too, can find healing–all it takes is a little tender loving care.”

“We are Kochi-ke (Kochi family)” is all about highlighting the stories of the people who make us proud to call Kochi our home. Whether you are living in Kochi now or have only visited once, you are part of the Kochi family

Tsuyoshi Sakoda is the second generation of Sakoda Hamono, which his father founded 50 years ago in Susaki City. During the approximately 6-hour workshop (excluding lunch break), you can experience forging your own one-of-a-kind Japanese kitchen knife!

Sakoda Hamono
  • We are Kochi-ke: Tsuyoshi Sakoda

  • We are Kochi-ke: Tsuyoshi Sakoda

  • We are Kochi-ke: Tsuyoshi Sakoda