A Niyodo River summer of smiles and…tomatoes!

We are steadily approaching the end of summer but there’s still ample time to savor the fresh green breeze, melodies of cicadas, and the unbeatable feeling of jumping into crystal-clear waters on a humid day. Speaking of crystal-clear waters…the Niyodo River is one of the best places to immerse yourself in all of the wonderful things a Japanese summer has to offer. It’s also easily accessible from Kochi City by train, which makes it a great destination for those who might not drive or prefer not to rent a car

Located only around 30 minutes from Kochi Station on the Dosan Line, Hidaka Village is a great place to base yourself for exploring the Niyodo River area. Furthermore, whether you’re looking for a restaurant to grab a scrumptious lunch using local ingredients, affordable accommodation with free Wi-Fi, coffee, fridge, and other great amenities, or friendly conversations with people who know the area well…Eat & Stay Tomatoto (@Eat&Stay とまとと / tomatoto) has got your back!

As you might notice from the name, Eat & Stay Tomatoto is indeed all about tomatoes, for which the area is known! You can enjoy everything from tomato-based smoothies to curries and tomato-miso seafood spaghetti at their first-floor cafe. You can also stay in one of the adorable guest rooms that accommodate between one and two people, or, you could opt for the extra special plan of renting out all four rooms if you’re visiting as a big group (maximum six people)

Marvel at the 1400-year-old traditional wooden architecture of Omura Shrine, take a morning run or bicycle ride around the 191-meter Nagoya Chinkabashi (submersible bridge), or hop on a yakatabune (traditional leisure boat) to witness the beauty of the Niyodo River from another perspective…the possibilities of fun are endless!

Hidaka Village

Eat & Stay Tomatoto 
  • A Niyodo River summer of smiles and…tomatoes!

  • A Niyodo River summer of smiles and…tomatoes!

  • A Niyodo River summer of smiles and…tomatoes!