Rafting thrills with accessibility and sustainability in mind

Welcome to the Yoshino River! Known as Japan’s wildest river, it's one of the best locations for white water rafting. There are a couple of tour companies in the area that will take you on an epic river adventure, but today, we are introducing you to one with perhaps the jolliest of names…

Happy Raft is an award-winning tour company that has thrilled visitors from all over Japan and the world since 2004. The diverse group of Japanese and international guides have experiences riding rapids in a range of countries and they are all fully dedicated to offering an unforgettable time for those of varying ages and abilities

In fact, Happy Raft has served guests with visual impairment, hard of hearing, mental disabilities and more. We all have the impression of white water rafting being wildly intense but these professional guides can tweak and customize the course based on your needs. In addition, toilets are wheelchair-accessible and all-gender changing rooms can be arranged on request

In addition to inclusiveness, the mission of Happy Raft revolves around sustainability and care for the environment. They are strict about the use of eco-friendly detergents and subsidize the installation of septic tanks in staff accommodations. A portion of their profits also goes to environmental protection organizations such as the Nature Conservation Society of Japan

There are also three different guest houses available near Happy Raft, including Takamotoya, which has beautiful tatami (traditional Japanese flooring) rooms with a healing view of the surrounding mountains. If you’re staying overnight, I highly recommend checking out the hiking trail that was developed in the area thanks to the collaboration between Happy Raft staff and the local community

Happy Raft
  • Rafting thrills with accessibility and sustainability in mind

  • Rafting thrills with accessibility and sustainability in mind

  • Rafting thrills with accessibility and sustainability in mind