Rafting on the Yoshino River - Japan's Wildest River

Rafting is the best activity to be able to experience the rapids of Yoshino River. Take on the challenge of this wild river while enjoying Yoshino River's beautiful valley and clear emerald green stream!

Overview of Yoshino River - Japan's Wildest River

Yoshino River is a class A river that flows from Kochi to Tokushima. It is the largest river in Shikoku. The total length of the river is 194 km and the area of its basin is as large as 3,750 ㎢. This area accounts for approximately 20% of the whole of Shikoku. The clear stream that flows out from Kochi has created strange rock formations and a beautiful valley. You can see scenery with a different tenor at each basin.

Yoshino River is known as Japan's wildest river. This has also made it famous as a mecca for rafting. A global rafting competition is even held in the vicinity of Oboke Gorge and Koboke Gorge - leading spots for rapids in Japan. You will find tour companies that provide rafting experiences centered on Otoyo in Kochi Prefecture, so why don't you take on the challenge of rafting with a guide?

Let's Start! Thrilling Experiences on Rapids

All the tour companies will provide a lecture before you start rafting. They will give a safety explanation, tell you how to hold the ropes on the rapids and describe how to operate the paddles. You will cooperate in a team of eight people (including your guide) to quickly pass by exposed rocks and face various size waves while taking on the challenge of the rapids! You can experience the exhilarating feeling of riding on the flow of the river and a thrill like that of a rollercoaster. The excitement of approaching strange rocks and getting caught in big waves will be an experience that you will never forget once you have been through it. Your guide, who will also be a professional diver, will help you even if you fall out during the experience, so you don't need to worry about that.

Have More Fun on Yoshino River

You can get off the rafting boat and have fun with a variety of activities that take advantage of the river's topography and flow - you can jump into the river from rock face at a certain height or try body rafting on the flow of the river with just your body. Why don't you take in Yoshino River's clear emerald green stream and the beautiful valley that extends out over the entire area in places where the river flows gently? There are also courses that offer lunchtime in nature depending on the tour company. You can enjoy a picnic feeling while looking at the magnificent scenery.

Base of Yoshino River Rafting

Mont-Bell Outdoor Village Motoyama has been jointly established with stylish cottages where you can stay the night, a restaurant, shop and hot bath facility. This makes it the perfect base for sightseeing in the area around Yoshino River. You will find many activities available here. These include bicycle rental, shower climbing (similar to canyoning) and kayaking in addition to rafting. You can experience a barbecue of Tosa Akaushi brand Wagyu beef - called the beef of your dreams - in the restaurant.

Rafting Spots in the Prefecture

here are other ideal spots for rafting in Kochi in addition to Yoshino River. You can go downstream at a relaxed pace while gazing at bridges designed to be underwater during a flood on the Shimanto River where the magnificent scenery extends out. It is possible to experience rafting on a waterway where green trees grow in abundance on Niyodo River - also called a "miraculous clear stream." Both rivers have a reputation for being fun for rafting in landscapes worthy of Kochi.