We are Kochi-ke: Yutaka Kawakami

In the spirit of Claude Monet

“Our job is to create a garden that embodies Monet’s spirit. Every day, we think about how we can bring his essence to life and stay true to his vision, while nurturing and celebrating the unique biodiversity, light and atmosphere of Kochi.”

“It is said that Monet gave specific instructions to his gardeners like ensuring the surface of the pond was ‘as clear as a mirror’ and water lilies ‘spread open in a round shape’. For us, this is Monet’s garden–not a park. That’s why we carefully deliberate over the combination of colors and shapes to honor his vision, clean dust off leaves by hand, retrieve discolored or wilted petals, and conduct meticulous maintenance every step of the way because that’s what Monet would have expected from his gardeners. Nearly 100 years after his passing, Monet continues to guide us.”

“If the world-renowned artist were to visit this garden, we hope he would feel inspired to capture the scenery in a timeless painting. That’s the dream.”

“We are Kochi-ke (Kochi family)” is all about highlighting the stories of the people who make us proud to call Kochi our home. Whether you are living in Kochi now or have only visited once, you are part of the Kochi family

Yutaka Kawakami has worked at Monet’s Garden Marmottan in Kitagawa Village for over 20 years. However, he has been in love with gardening and fascinated by plants ever since he was just 5 years old! We hope you will come witness the passion of the gardeners for yourself, reflected in every colorful detail

Right now until late October, you can see colorful water lilies, which are featured in some of Monet's most famous paintings!

Monet's Garden Marmottan
  • We are Kochi-ke: Yutaka Kawakami

  • We are Kochi-ke: Yutaka Kawakami

  • We are Kochi-ke: Yutaka Kawakami