How far will you go for an epic view and feast?

If you’re an experienced road cyclist, the Pacific Ocean route from Kochi City to Cape Muroto is well within manageable distance. From 400-year-old Kochi Castle, all you have to do is point your bike east and follow Route 55 for about 80 kilometers (piece of cake)

Dynamic views of long black sand beaches and rocky outcrops will certainly be enough to keep you going, but it never hurts to have a little extra motivation. Once you’ve made it to Cape Muroto, a seafood extravaganza awaits

The local specialty is called kinmedon, which is a heavenly bowl of rice topped with generous slices of fresh alfonsino–both raw as sashimi and cooked teriyaki-style with a sweet and savory original sauce using stock extracted from the fish. Alfonsino lives in deep waters, which you’ll probably assume can only be caught by taking long journeys out to sea. However, thanks to the marine topography of eastern Muroto City where the seabed suddenly deepens close to shore, fishermen can catch alfonsino and supply local restaurants within a short time span, ensuring top-notch freshness. The carbohydrate boost from the rice, combined with the healthy fats and protein in the fish makes this dish the perfect way to refuel after a long ride

Although there are several restaurants serving kinmedon in the city, I highly recommend Ryotei Kagetsu, which has been around for nearly 100 years! However, the restaurant gets packed during lunch hours so definitely make a reservation in advance

While you’re in the area, you might as well check off some sightseeing spots, right? Just 4 minutes from Ryotei Kagetsu on foot is Shinsho-ji Temple, which is number 25 on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage

Muroto Peninsula

Ryotei Kagetsu

Many thanks to Instagram user @butz_on_boco for the scrumptious photo of kinmedon!
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  • How far will you go for an epic view and feast?

  • How far will you go for an epic view and feast?

  • How far will you go for an epic view and feast?