Spring is just around the corner

Cherry blossom season in Japan is not only gorgeous, but also, a time when a sense of excitement fills the air, as people look forward to warmer days as well as the start of the new school and work year

The Horikawa Canal is one of the many wonderful places to witness the shimmering beauty of cherry blossoms in Kochi City. Typically between late March and early April, over 120 cherry trees bloom on either bank for about a kilometer. My annual routine is to first walk along the path under the tunnel of cherry trees while watching the adorable sightseeing boats gently pass by. Then, I like to hop on one, so I can appreciate the soft pink flowers from a different perspective

Another important part of my routine is having a little picnic under the cherry trees. Well, this is actually a centuries-old tradition in Japan called hanami, which literally translates to ‘flower-watching’. This style of picnic is exclusively linked to spring in Japan, and appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms. So, I like to quietly nibble on my handmade onigiri (rice ball) as I watch the fluffy clusters of pink rustle in the warm breeze

Right now, it might still be a little chilly outside, but I'm starting to feel the spring excitement in the air. Another beautiful season is soon to come

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  • Spring is just around the corner

  • Spring is just around the corner

  • Spring is just around the corner