A train ride with...quirky water imps!?

Take a trip on a train dedicated to the mischievous little green water sprites known as kappa, and dive into their world aboard the Kappa Uyo-uyo Kaiyodo Hobby Train! Japan has a rich legacy of folktales about mysterious and magical creatures, and the kappa is definitely one of the most famous

Kappa are generally portrayed as green, with webbed hands and feet, shells on their backs and bird-like beaks. Despite their peculiar appearance and fondness for playing tricks, they can be quite endearing! They can walk upright on two legs and even communicate with humans. They also have a kind of ‘dish’ on their heads, which is said to contain a special liquid that gives them supernatural powers. If you happen to run into a problem with a kappa, just bow to it. Yes, mischievous they may be, but kappa still follow social customs. Plus, when the kappa bows back politely, they’ll spill their supernatural fluid on their head, so they’ll have to return to their watery home to recover and you'll be free to go!

Now that you’re an expert on kappa, we’re sure you’ll want to take a ride on the Kappa Uyo-uyo Kaiyodo Hobby Train! The design is based on the concept of a group of kappa enjoying a leisurely journey along the Shimanto River, from the brightly-painted exterior, to the life-sized kappa family sitting inside the carriage. You can pose for pictures with the kappa ‘passengers’, peruse the display cases featuring a wide variety of kappa figurines, or simply sit back and relax as you take in the wonderful views of the river

The train runs daily between Kubokawa Station in Shimanto Town and Uwajima Station in Ehime Prefecture. It is recommended to check the timetable when planning your trip with the kappa: https://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/yodo_line/kaiyodohobby.html

Kubokawa Station is just over an hour by train from Kochi Station 

If you can’t get enough of these intriguing little creatures, you’ll certainly want to visit the Kaiyodo Kappa Museum in Shimanto Town, home to around 600 statues and artworks! Learn more: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10038
  • A train ride with...quirky water imps!?

  • A train ride with...quirky water imps!?

  • A train ride with...quirky water imps!?