Minimalist and stylish ceramics in Tosa City

Ever since Hiromichi Morita joined a pottery club in university, he’s been fully enamored by the craft. In fact, it all started not from a success but a failure, when he miscalculated the temperature range of a kerosene kiln. The challenge of the art form appealed to him so much that he sometimes stayed overnight at his university to practice and learn

In 2015, after years of devoting his life to ceramics, Hiromichi successfully opened Morita Ceramic Art Laboratory in his hometown of Tosa City in central Kochi. Here, you can find everything from his handmade plates, bowls, vases, mugs and more. First and foremost, Hiromichi’s style is focused on ease of use. He designs every rim or handle so that it fits in anyone’s hand, gently, comfortably, seamlessly and intuitively

He also hosts a variety of events at his store, from ceramic workshops where anyone can experience crafting their one-of-a-kind pottery, to exhibitions of other artist’s works in an effort to celebrate all forms of creativity in Kochi

Whether you’re looking for an authentic souvenir for a friend or stylish addition to your ceramic collection, definitely come by Morita Ceramic Art Laboratory

Morita Ceramic Art Laboratory official website: http://moritautsuwa.com/

Morita Ceramic Art Laboratory is located right beside the crystal-clear Niyodo River! Learn more: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/niyodoriver
  • Minimalist and stylish ceramics in Tosa City

  • Minimalist and stylish ceramics in Tosa City

  • Minimalist and stylish ceramics in Tosa City