A taste of early spring along the Shimanto River

The weather is warming up and the great outdoors is calling. Today I would like to share my recommended route for a perfect spring outing full of photo opportunities in Shimanto City! It’s an easy journey by train from Kochi Station on the Dosan Line Limited Express. Get off at Nakamura Station and walk over to Shimanto River Rental Cycles to select your steed for the next leg of the adventure

Cycle out to Sada Chinkabashi—one of Kochi’s famous submersible bridges, constructed without side rails to withstand floods. You’ll find many of them along the Shimanto River, among which Sada Chinkabashi is the longest. The picturesque bridge is instantly recognizable for its blue “feet” and is still used in daily life for local residents!

Take your time walking your bicycle across the Sada Chinkabashi and ride back toward Nakamura Station along the opposite side of the Shimanto River for a fresh perspective. Plus, you may notice a plethora of bright yellow flowers if you’re lucky enough to visit between late February and mid-March! These are nanohana, or canola flowers, lighting up the riverside with a golden glow. The area is known as the Nyuta Willow Forest, and also, home to bright red higanbana (red spider lilies) in late September. The canola flowers are so beloved that the Nanohana Festival is held in their honor each year. Within the festival period (only on weekends), vendors usually offer delicious bites and local products too (check the official website linked below for updates)!

You’ll probably be ready for some refreshments after your cycling trip, so we highly recommend Cafe Watch located across the river again toward Nakamura Station. The retro atmosphere will transport you back to the Showa Era (1926 - 1989), a nostalgic time for many Japanese and the heyday of the Japanese coffee shop culture. Bide your time and soak up the atmosphere before making your way home—and you’ll probably want to take some photos of the beautiful decor and food, too!

It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes by train to get to Nakamura Station from Kochi Station

Keep an eye on the Shimanto City Tourism Association website for updates on the Nanohana Festival: http://www.shimanto-kankou.com.e.abs.hp.transer.com/

Learn more about Sada Chinkabashi: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10041
  • A taste of early spring along the Shimanto River

  • A taste of early spring along the Shimanto River

  • A taste of early spring along the Shimanto River