Tacos make me happy

When you travel to Japan, you might not expect to get some delicious tacos but here at the Sunday Market...everything is possible

As you walk along Japan’s biggest open-air market in Kochi City, you may detect the delicious scent of freshly-grilled tortillas. Welcome to MASACASA TACOS!

But these aren’t just any tacos, they are uniquely Kochi-style! The owner uses a variety of local vegetables and ingredients, most notably jikibi, which is an endemic type of corn that is grown in the mountainous regions of Kochi. Jikibi is used for the tortilla dough and brings an irresistibly soft, chewy texture

Filled with juicy Shimanto chicken or grilled local veggies, topped with melty cheese and homemade salsa…I’m starting to feel hungry just thinking about it!

Definitely stop by for the perfect bite of Kochi-style Mexican tacos as you stroll around to find even more delicious treats

Check out the @Masacasa Tacos Facebook page for updates on pop-ups via their adorable food truck!

Learn more about the Sunday Market: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/sundaymarket
  • Tacos make me happy

  • Tacos make me happy

  • Tacos make me happy