Seaside fun for all ages at Irino Beach

With four kilometers of pristine white sand, Irino Beach is a magnet for people of all ages! Whether you’re a youngster looking for highly instagrammable shots (#beachlife), a surfer seeking the perfect wave, a parent hoping to unwind by the soothing ocean while your toddler builds an epic sand castle, or an elderly searching for serenity, Irino Beach might just be the perfect spot

Plus, if you time your visit right on the second Sunday of the month, you’ll find a wholesome little market pop up with around 30 different stalls. Although what you’ll find might vary depending on the month, you can generally find an array of products from veggies, eggs, coffee, local miso and homemade baked goods, to handmade accessories, leather wallets, and even blown glass!

This monthly event began in 2009 when the founder visited the organic Saturday market in Kochi City and felt inspired to create a similar opportunity for local artisans and consumers to interact with each other directly. So, if you ever get to visit, you might notice that this seaside market is more than just a place for people to sell and buy products. Perhaps it’s best described as a social gathering where people of all ages can get to know each other and share in the beauty of each other’s company, surrounded by the twinkling sea and healing blue sky

Check out the Kuroshio Town official website for updates on the seaside market (the next one is scehduled for March 12): https://www.town.kuroshio.lg.jp/pb/cont/kuronavi-event/545

Ever wondered what it would feel like to become one with the waves? Bruce Dillon has been offering beginner-friendly surf lessons at Hata Surf Dojo along Irino Beach for nearly 20 years! Learn more: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/activities/10160

Read more about Bruce’s story here: https://www.facebook.com/visitkochijapan/posts/pfbid02XPXFA1Meuvn52BJqugcacHr6qy6bRVX6QGbMXV9XujdoVgSigNELXfmLX66wvEPnl
  • Seaside fun for all ages at Irino Beach

  • Seaside fun for all ages at Irino Beach

  • Seaside fun for all ages at Irino Beach