Yusahara: the most artistic town in Kochi?!

It’s starting to feel more like autumn every day! In Japan, fall is the season for arts! Without the summer heat, we tend to have room in our minds, which makes us more creative than usual???????? The rich red and yellow colors of the trees, and tasty veggies and fruits of the season are also pretty inspiring to both the eyes and palate.

We would like to show off Yusuhara in this lovely season! This beautiful mountain town has both the charm of modern artistic buildings and Japanese countryside vibes????

Maybe you have seen the beautiful Kumo-no-Ue-no Library or Kumo-no-Ue-no Gallery, which were designed by one of the most famous architects in Japan: Kengo Kuma. The wooden buildings he created in this town are breathtaking! The combination of warm wood, modern geometric design and the grace of traditional structures make them iconic⛩✨

Having 6 of his masterpieces in one place alone is enough artistic elements for a small town, but Yusuhara doesn’t stop there! At the ruins of Wada Castle, there are vibrant statues of historical heroes, and just a 5-minute walk away there is a pretty wooden bridge (Yusuhara-bashi) built over the Yusuhara River. This bridge spices up the nostalgic view of the countryside into an artistic Ghibli-like landscape???? And be sure to keep an eye out for the little statues that line the main road through town!

We hope that one day soon we can welcome people back to this artsy mountain town????????

Find out more here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10029
  • Yusahara: the most artistic town in Kochi?!

  • Yusahara: the most artistic town in Kochi?!

  • Yusahara: the most artistic town in Kochi?!