The people behind Kochi’s perfect cup of tea

With decades of practice, the tea farmers hand pick only the tenderest new leaves and buds under the bright spring sun. Throughout the steaming and drying process, the farmers continue to look after the leaves with incredible care right up to the moment they are sent out to tea lovers across the country

Seeing the hands and expressions of the people behind Kochi’s tea reminds us that hard work and dedication are the real secrets behind the flavors we enjoy every day Thank you to all of the tea farmers for all the time, passion and love poured into creating the most perfect cup of tea!

In addition to the tea farmers, there are many craftspeople here in Kochi who you can meet and learn from through workshops! Learn more here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/activities/list?sortType=access&listStyle=tile&latitude=&longitude=&keyword=&category_m%5B%5D=9#searchResultArea

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  • The people behind Kochi’s perfect cup of tea