Kochi in Winter

Alex Ike visited Kochi last winter, and has some tips for visitors thinking of checking out this beautiful spot:
Kochi boasts excellent year round experiences, so I had to see for myself what it would be like during February, one of the coldest times of the year. I was very impressed with two of the accommodations I stayed at.

The Hotel Seira Shimanto overlooks the Shimanto River, offering delicious course dinners and even a planetarium where you can enjoy stargazing. The friendly staff were very welcoming too!

Tenguso is located high in the mountains. Depending on where your room is, you may be in either Ehime or Kochi Prefecture, as the hotel is right on the border. The mountaintop location makes it a nice quiet place to relax and enjoy Kochi's beautiful nature.

By Alex Ike

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  • Kochi in Winter

  • Kochi in Winter

  • Kochi in Winter