Akiba Festival

Known as one of the three major festivals of Tosa, the Akiba Festival is held on February 11 every year. 

This festival features a long procession, which stops by several locations before reaching the final destination, Akiba Shrine. 

One of the main attractions of the festival is the "Torige Hineri", a dance that involves participants tossing 7m long bamboo poles with longcrower tail feathers attached to the top. It is a truly amazing performance to watch. 

Local residents start practising for the festival as early as the beginning of January to keep this old tradition going.

The props used during the festival as well as lucky charms offered for sale are hand-made by residents. 

Their collective effort made this festival a spectacular attraction for residents, former residents, and tourists alike. 

*Due to current circumstances in Japan, certain events of the Akiba Festival will be subject to changes in its 2021 edition.
  • Akiba Festival